Lego Blocks Building Kid Toys Game

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Lego Blocks Building Kid Toys Game

74-296 PCS Marble Race Run Block Compatible Lego Building

Blocks Funnel Slide Blocks DIY Bricks Toys For Children


Toy Building Lego Blocks Set (296PCS / 222PCS / 148PCS / 74PCS )
Feasures and Specifications :
Material : Eco-friendly ABS plastic ( non-toxic and odorless )
Pieces : 296 pieces / 222 pieces / 148 pieces / 74 pieces , We will ship the orders based on your choices.
Colors : Various Colorsw ( The color will be ship at random )
Age : Children ages 3 years old and up.
Compatibility : Can be used with Brand building blocks
Package : No original color box to save on shipping fee .

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Build different models

1. Latifundium

2. Viaduct

3. Animals

4. Amusement park

5. Small town

6. Roller coaster

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Superior quality

1. Safe and eco-friendly

2. Easily joined and detached

3. Easy to play with

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10 Vital Advantages of Lego set for grown-ups and kids

1. Improvement of Creativity:

As you utilize varied shapes, colors, and sizes of Lego set to bring into reality ideas in your head, you explore your ability to form.

2. Development of downside finding Ability:

While you are attempting to make with Lego set, you’ll be confronted with issues associated with scale, balance, symmetry, scale, sizes, etc. as you are attempting to unravel this downside victimization your data from varied fields, you’re developing your problem-solving talent.

3. Develops Thinking and designing skill:

During the method of building and constructing with Lego set, you face assembly issues. that Lego set brick ought to match wherever and which must you use first?

Also, that brick color blends and which one ought to be used? These are samples of queries that pop in your head.

You learn to deliver answers to those queries and prepare your thought properly to urge the specified result.

4. Develops Persistence:

While you build with Lego set, sometimes, you’ll expertise a crash. that’s the structure you’ve got designed might come back unmitigated down and you’ll need to begin everywhere once more.

This expertise may be painful and discouraging. the choice to continue even within the inside of this challenge is developing in you the spirit of persistence.

5. Improves Self-esteem:

It is a good challenge to construct the items of Lego set bricks along to form a finished product.

However, achieving this task brings A level of satisfaction and a way of vanity at intervals you. you start to feel assured regarding your ability to realize something.

6. Encourage Teamwork:

Lego lovers have succeeded in building a community each on-line and offline. once you work along side different Lego set lovers in constructing, you start to be told the substance of operating in an exceedingly team.

You learn to agree on ideas and find out how ideas and perceive how totally different ideas will contribute to achieving the team goal. you furthermore may find out how to barter roles and responsibilities so on have a fun and pleasurable social expertise.

7. Promotes fine motor skills:

Motor skills ask the consistent movement of the bone structure. this can be an honest thanks to exercise the muscles.

This method becomes a beautiful exercise for your muscles.

8. Improves communication skills:

Building with Lego set may be a good way to have interaction in meaning and joyful spoken language. As you build, individuals around you raise queries on what it’s you’re attempting to realize and you are needed to explain your plan to them.

This is indirectly rising the approach and manner by that you communicate ideas.

9. Correct organization:

This is one in every of the primary things Lego set can teach you. A booming construction victimization Lego set bricks needs that you just use many hundred, even thousands of Lego set items.

You learn over time the importance of correct arrangement once operating with thousands of Lego set bricks. this can be to confirm you get the brick you would like whenever and not need to hunt for it among the thousands.

10. See things differently:

Lego do accompany directions and you’ll be able to build nice things once you follow the instruction. However, there are a great deal of stuff you can do once you assume outside the box. The additional you’re employed with the items, the additional versatile you become with them.

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No Eating



Age Range

> 3 years old





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Self-Locking Bricks

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296PCS 222PCS 148PCS 74PCS


Kids Toys, Children Toy


Marble Run,Marble Track,Maze Ball, Tracking block


Educational Toy


Birthday Gift, New Year Gift, Christmas Gift


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